We love storytelling.

SimpleFoto Production

We want to create images that tell stores. Images that create a connection between the viewer and the people in the image.

SimpleFoto started shooting lifestyle stock photography in 2004. Since then, our portfolio has grown to over 20,000 images. We love capturing emotions and people in genuine situations.

Models Used

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lenses broken


  • brainstorm +
  • great models +
  • smashing production team =
  • wooot

Every shoot starts with a simple idea. Perhaps the iea of a single image in a single location or emotion. From there, ideas branch off and a shoot theme is created.

Simply put, having models as part of the shoot is a blast. Capturing the model's emotions and letting them get carried away with their rolls is all part of the fun. We pick models who are genuine and 'real' over models who are picture perfect. We look for models with character and story in their face.

No shoot would be a success without the production team. On occasion SimpleFoto works lean, with only an assistant and models. Other times a full crew is engaged with a production manager, stylist, assistant and a handful of models.

Creative ideas, stunning models and a great production team are essential for great looking stock. SimpleFoto wouldn't be possible without the creative cooperation between everone involved.

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