Modeling Information

How to get a gig

We are always in need of good models for lifestyle shoots. If you are interested in modeling, send us a few photos and information about yourself and we will consider you for an upcoming shoot.

Where we shoot

The majority of our shoots are done on location. This means that we will come to you or meet at the shooting location. We are based in South Eastern Norway, but for lifestyle travel shoots we travel to various countries and will consider arranging a shoot around your location. To increase your chances of modeling, check out the upcoming shoots and see if we are shooting in your area.

What the model receives

Models receive payment for the shoot, the amount depends on your level of experience and length of the shoot (genrerally $25-$50 USD/hour). Time for prints is also available if the model wishes to use the images for their own portfolio.

Who we need

You do not need to be a ‘typical model’ to be a great model for stock photography. We need people from every area of life. A great model is one who is comfortable in front of the camera, has a great smile, and can act. Acting is a big part of stock photography as it is important to look natural and be able to put yourself in a variety of situations.

How will the images be used

The images will be sold under a royalty-free image license and be used in both print and digital media. The model will be required to sign a model release before the shoot which permits the images being used.

What is a model release

Simply put, a model release is a contract between the photographer and model giving the photographer permission to use photos of the model. The model release documents that the model gave the photographer permission to take the photos and sell them as stock photography. Here is a copy of our model release for you to look at. Please ask if you have any questions.